Monthly Open calls:   Next one is SATURDAY, MARCH 4th at PIER 59 Studios NYC
-59 Chelsea Piers at 18th street and the West end
Check my Instagram for announcements. @mugshotmanagement
Height Requirements:height chart
Girls:  14-15yrs   5’7+
 17yrs- 22yrs 5’8-6′
Boys:  16yrs – 24yrs  6′ – 6’2

If you can not make it to Lisa’s monthly  open call in NYC…

Mugshot Management is always accepting VIDEO  submissions via email.  I find this to be the easiest way to really see you clearly and get a sense of who you are. 

You must be at least 14yrs old and have your parent or legal guardians permission to send your video to me,  actually its best if Mom or Dad films the video for you.

I am always available to speak to the parent on the phone, and to meet in person, after I have contacted you back with interest.

So, are you Ready to become a Fashion Model?  Here’s the best way to present yourself to me. 

By Video: The way I prefer, is to just email/text me a video of yourself   straight from your smart phone or tablet.   

text (iphone/ipad): 

Give a little introduction about yourself,  like where you are from,  what sports you play, how tall you are and your age.  PERSONALITY is what I look for, above the physical requirements, so don’t be afraid to give me a sense of who you are. 

Then show me your face clearly, and both profiles (the sides of your face.)  

Make sure you show your full body either by turning around or walking back and forth.  

Below are  good examples,  try to do what what these Mugshot models do in the Videos.  

Remember the whole goal,  is for me to see your face clearly,  from all angles, so always make sure you are in good light. Morning light is best, and try to take outside.

What to wear:

Girls wear skinny jeans/shorts and tank top/t-shirt or bikini and Boys wear jeans and t-shirt/no shirt.  

Once you’ve emailed me your Introduction Video, I will request more info and simple digitals.

Thank you!


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Its as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Pick an Outfit

2. Shoot the Video

3. Email/Text it straight to Lisa