MUGSHOT  is a Talent Management Agency (Mother Agency in the Modeling World), specializing in Scouting, Development,  Placement with the best model agencies worldwide. Mugshot also manages the careers of Many Model turned Actors. 

The Director is Lisa Phillips, a former Ford Model and Model Scout who has traveled the world, and knows the agencies she places her models with personally.  Lisa was head Scout for Wizard Tokyo for five years and Bravo Models, sending the worlds best new faces models and special booking models to Japan on contract.  Lisa was also an ASIA Placement Partner to over 20 Mother Agencies worldwide. 

As of January 2017, Mugshot became the Consultant Agency for The Industry Model Management in NY/LA and moved her office to the Iconic Pier 59 Studios, in which the Model agency has the Penthouse Space. 

Lisa is very selective in the process of who she chooses to manage. Its more of a family style business, as we focus on long term career goals and parent involvement throughout the early stages of development.

MUGSHOT has strong partners with the top agencies in the main markets –> New York, Paris,  Milan and London and trustful relationships in the secondary markets of the world  to help develop her young talent, starting at 15 years old (with a parent.)  Lisa also places young models in their closest home market while in High school, to get experience and start working.